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Northbound Book 2

JARETH FAELING is many things. As a half-Fae, he tries to fit in a world of humans who have forgotten about magic. As a pathologist, he was confronted with the flaws of the justice system and the blind spots of the police that lead to murders going unpunished. So he decided to quit and start the elusive life as the owner of a night club. But his true nature keeps calling him, and Jareth finds himself hunting the monsters that lurk in the darkness, pretending to be human but aren't, just like him.


ARTTU PALOSAARI is a grumpy detective from Helsinki with unusual methods. He is hell-bent on solving a series of murders that span Finland and the UK. When the investigation is shut down not only by the Finnish police but also by Scotland Yard, he decides to take matters into his own hands. Even if it means leaving the confines of his jurisdiction and earning the trust of his prime suspect: Jareth Faeling.


Arttu, who has lived for his job for the longest time, is not prepared for the reluctant attraction to Jareth, nor the unexpected desire to be dominated. But the secrets that lie between them are heavy, and there's still a killer on the loose.


First Snow is a steamy, paranormal romance with a HEA. It is book two in the Northbound series but can be read as a standalone.

Northbound Book 1

JAMIE ARDEN is one of the hottest action stars in Hollywood. His fans love his charming and confident manner, as well as his openness about his bisexuality and being a Dom.


THORFINN JONSSON is a specialist in medieval martial arts and works as a consulting swordsman for film productions worldwide. Although Finn is not a fan of casual flings, he loves the world of kink and being a Dom. 


When Finn and Jamie meet at a club, they’re immediately attracted to each other, and the unfamiliar desire to submit to the charismatic Icelander turns Jamie's carefully constructed world upside down. 


As preparations for a new film are underway and an ominous threat hovers over Jamie, they are forced to work together under Iceland's stunning midnight sun. Will they succeed in forging a connection despite both considering themselves dominants, or will they drift apart?

CW: mild kink including bondage and spanking, a stalker (not one of the MCs) and some violence.

A Northbound Novella

RORY SULLIVAN thought that moving into a remote farmhouse in Finland with his girlfriend Lucille would be the ultimate dream. But their fabulous Instagram life soon turns into a nightmare as the Finnish winter approaches and Lucille seems to slowly descend into madness.

When ghost hunter TAPIO SALONEN reluctantly accepts a family's request to investigate an isolated farm, he still believes he can quickly return to his well-deserved vacation. But this assignment proves to be more difficult than he anticipated.

Northern Lights is a paranormal M/M romance featuring a ghost with rookie problems, a grumpy ghost hunter with secrets, a steamy romance and a HEA.

Northern Lights is available as a Prolificworks giveaway.

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